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STEM Projects Page

The Great Plains STEM Education Center is working on several pilot projects which are described below. If you have an interest in contributing to any of these feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Bubbleology Festival: An event focused on the science of liquid soap bubbles, measurement, design and composition is evolving as a fun, hands-on event for elementary students and their parents. Our goal is to host these Festivals as after-school events and to influence parents on more continuously supporting their children's learning.


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River of Dreams: In a partnership with the International Water Institute (Fargo, ND) our Center is working with individual schools and groups to prompt an understanding of local watersheds, rivers, and tributaries with the theme "Where your water flows."

As a part of this project elementary students are presented with a 14" hand carved wooden canoe, guided through various lessons on of which having them painting their canoes, often with native american patterns consistent with the Paddle to the Sea story.

Each canoe has embedded a unique identifier, that when released by the student into a waterway can be referred to if found downstream by a fisherman, for example. Hopefully then the fisherman reports the boat as found in our web-based data tool, then releases it for others to find later.

Students then track theirs and friends canoes on the River of Dreams web-site to better appreciate their water ways.


Mobile Fab Lab (FUTURE): We are working towards funding and developing a mobile Fab Lab similar to the one hosted at the MC2 STEM school in Cleveland, Ohio.