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ND STEM Network

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VCSU's Great Plains STEM Education Center is proud to partner with the ND STEM Network.
Mission Statement
  • The North Dakota STEM Network seeks to support a collaboration for providing all students high-quality experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics related fields. The Network is driven by:
  • Promoting the need for greater advances in STEM for all students.
  • Creating regional communities that can better focus on local needs.
  • Encouraging every sector of the community to take responsibility for contributing to the education of all students by developing a community of practice.
  • Encouraging educational practices that increase student engagement by utilizing inquiry-based, design processes to connect curriculum content to real live relevance and to active learning.
Network Promise
The ND STEM Network aims to connect and increase cooperation amongst all North Dakota stakeholders in order to provide opportunities for students to be creative and innovative and gain 21st century skills through increased engagement in project-based learning driven by the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines.

These skills will allow more North Dakotans to graduate, gain additional skills and become part of a productive and competitive workforce in North Dakota. We believe this approach to education needs to become our vision for North Dakota students and is the responsibility, not only of educational institutions at all levels, but of all North Dakota citizens, businesses and communities.
Network Goals
Pursue policies and funding to support STEM education, including changing the current Carnegie unit system to one based on mastery of material.

Increase high school graduation rates and increase the number of those graduates that are prepared to pursue STEM degrees, certifications, and careers.

Use the Engineering Design Process to build a Network that:
  • Connects STEM assets and increases awareness of and demand for STEM education.
  • Eliminates demographic and geographical barriers and makes STEM truly for all.
Supports educators in the following critical areas:
  • STEM Integration
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • The Engineering Design Process and Inquiry-Based Learning
  • Research Experiences and Real-World Summer Work Experiences in STEM Professions
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